Greek Mythology: Dionysus (With all of his glory~) Picture

(Okay, guys. THIS IS A BOY! You'll understand why he looks like a chick once you read the description or search "Dionysus" on Google)
Meet Dionysus (Bacchus), Greek god of wine, vineyards and insanity (you know, like those gory and disturbing things happening in our head).

Dionysus is know to be the youngest god, as well as having a mortal mom. ORIGINALLY, he is portrayed as an old man with a long beard and robe, but time pass, his image soon turned into a "feminine" man, with flowers and grapes flowing everywhere and with hot Satyr companions I knew it! He has his own personal b-tches!)

Now... for those Percy Jackson fans... imagine Director D. like this... BWAHAHAHA!!!
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