Bullhorn God Picture

Dionysus is often defined as "Bullhorn God"...

Well, with ALL the love of this world for him but... He's horny. It was too funny not to make something about! xD
And here it is: Nys, with his beautiful, shiny and perfect bull horns, and Seren. Who is quite amused by them, misunderstanding.
Poor Dionysus, he show himself in this beautiful appearance and there's that rude, impolite girl rigth there, ready to start laughing. It's not fair!!

Also: Seren's dressed like a maenad, a priestess of Dionysus' cult. She's got a fawn pelt around her hips, wich is a part of the traditional clothing of maenads, and a snake in her hand... Well, she's kinda scared by it -who wouldn't?-, and so she's not wearing it as she should, but Maenads are known to wear and bring snakes in their rites.

I've made a mess with the shadings, I fear! <.<"
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