Opal Picture

It be a fan character ahoy. o:
And her face is half mouth. Hmmm. Well, indroductions. Folks, this is Opal WhoHasNoLastName the half-blood. I've been reading back over the Percy Jackson series after picking up his new spin-off book. I've always been quite the greek/roman mythology nut, so these cute little reads are held pretty near and dear to me.
Opal, if you haven't already guessed, is a daughter of Dionysus and a mortal woman. She's got quite the talent with grapes and other vined plants, though her eyes and voice can cause temporary insanity in some cases.
She's a little off-kilter to begin with, but mostly her mind's pretty scattered.

I'll probably do nothing more with this gal other than draw her and her spankin' eyebrows.

Percy Jackson and the Olympions series is belong to Rick Riordan.
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