Cult of Dionysus Picture

After being to Sicily I just had to draw something Greek and mythological, have thought of doing and Odysseus picture but i think that'll make a good oil painting. So i've picked one of my favourite gods!

Dionysus Greek god of wine, pleasure, harvests, plants and festivity! a merry happy fellow!! Here he sits crowned in vines and chuckles and dribbles as a cheeky Mainade to his left cracks a joke, whilst the uncouth satyr cackles madly!
Dionysus or Bacchus was presented traditionally as either a bearded old man or an effeminate youth, i've gone for beard..but i've made him look a little effeminate and softened by a life of constant pleasure!
He was often worshipped through mystery and orgiastic rituals..ohhhh these pagans!
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