Dionysus, Back View Picture

This is the Greek God of wine Dionysus, made almost entirely out of wine bottles. In the center of his chest is a bottle of King Louis the XIII Cognac to represent his heart. It is one of the finest liquors in the world and I could think of nothing more deserving for the heart of the god of wine.

The wine bottles were cut using a wet tile saw, and then glued together with epoxy.

While many of the bottles used were chosen for shape, others were chosen because of their label. More specifically because I associate that particular wine or liquor with a person close to me in my life. The three most important are a bottle of Mansinthe (for my sister, who is like a twin to me) a bottle of Silverado (for my cousin Peter, who died of cancer) and the bottle of King Louis (for my Godfather).

Front View
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