Dionysus Picture

The ancient Greek god of grapes and wine. He was also considered the god of refinery, higher quality, and Madness. Dionysus was said to be the god of the rich, but he also brought out the insanity in mortals: quite literally transforming them into animals.

I noticed that Hannibal Lecter is often displayed in a light similar to this; the cannibal doctor has a taste for exquisite, refined and high quality foods and goods. He is a sleek and classy bringer of madness.

So this piece of sort of but not really another Hannibal piece, it's not really him, but I drew this with him in mind.

I made this as practice in bringing out the lights as opposed to building up the darks; working with mainly opacity tools.

Materials: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, Genius office tablet
Layers: 1 sketch, 5 color, 1 background
Outside Influences: Supernatural, soup, rabbits, cold
Time Taken: 6.5 hours

This piece is copyright Me. Please do not copy, steal, claim as your own, or use without my permission. Thank you
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