Dionysus Picture

This is my newest OC Dionysus. He is basically my Angel OC that is known as Ezekiel.
Ezekiel is an angel, that we know of. He is TRUHTFULLY
half angel and half DEMON aswell.
Ezekiel is his angel form (personality) and Dionysus(or also Baucus) is his demon form (personality.)

I say personality because these forms switch bakc and forth depending on what realm he is in. (heaven or hell) That is self explanitory, but on earth he can swtich from one to the other, for it is nuetral ground.

He was named Dionysus because DIonysus in Greek Mythology is the god of wine. Wine naturally has a jolly, pleasing side but there is also a wild, disturbing side to it.
Dionysus being the god of wine has a suit of followers who are considered extremest (they're women.) who live in the woods and feed off of wild animals... theyre basically savages.
That is the whole reason behind the naming of Ezekiel's alternate ego.

I call it an alternate personality because he can switch at will BUT it depends on his location to cahnge or not.

so yea, i hope you enjoy him
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