Dionysus Picture

"The Greater Dionysia" by Louise Burton Laidlaw

Is Dionysus dead?
No! still his essences inviolate
All that is bleak and dull annihilate.
For ages men have bade him bow his head,
Imprisoned in the vicious vats of earth;
Today he has regained his godly height,
And true immortals, radiant with delight,
Revel again in Dionysian mirth.

Is Dionysus dead?
No! volatile and gay and free he stands -
Free to dispense the vintage of his hands,
To waken summer with his buoyant tread,
To flood fall sunsets full of lambent wine,
With nature's ripe exuberance again
To play blithe havoc in the hearts of men
Until their passions soar above his shrine.


This was a trial to paint. I changed the background a million times, and this is definitely completely different than it began, but I have a good feeling with it. I started this painting returning back to study mythological paintings (this time the Greco-Roman pantheon instead of the Celtic one), and I challenged myself to paint something far better than my Greenman painting a few years back. I think I definitely surpassed it.

Total Time Duration: 8+ hours
Materials Used: Graphite and Ink
Programs Used: Photoshop and Corel Painter
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