Jacobin Reference Picture

Man this guy gave me a lot of trouble in design, but it was so worth it, I love him~ :'D

Is he the leader of the largest rebel group in the boogie world? Noooo... What gave you that idea?

There have been many rebellions and possible revolutions over the long history of the king's dictatorship, though all of them have been snuffed out before they could get even a spark going. All but for one tenacious group that refuses to die, that goes through many leaders and martyrs. Comprised of ex-GRIMM and mercenaries, the cream of the crop, only the most clever and strongest can survive. And only the elite of the elite can be a leader of their particular group.

Well, Jacobin has had a bit of help from his brother before.

In the system a boogie's chosen name is not reconized, only by their ID number. Many boogies choose their own names when they get older, or reciver a moniker from their caregiver. Meaning that some boogies can have very creative, or unusual names that may or may not conflict with their human orgins or meanings. Those in the rebellion either reject or embrace thier number, depending on how ironic said boogy is.

There are conflicted feelings on those who work towards a revolution, some feel it useless, some feel it the wrong way to acomplish things, and others are fat cats who somehow have managed to take advatage of the one sided system. Either way as much as the boogie goverment tries to snuff out any idea of rebellion it is very much rooted into the general culture of the boogies.

Full Name:Jacobin Dike
Pronunciation: Jac-O-Bin Dy-Keh
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Meaning: "Jacobin" a member of a democratic club established in Paris in 1789. The Jacobins were the most radical and ruthless of the political groups formed in the wake of the French Revolution, and in association with Robespierre they instituted the Terror of 1793–4. "Dike" means "justice" in Greek. In Greek mythology Dike was the goddess of justice, and was the spirit of moral order and fair judgement based on immemorial custom, in the sense of socially enforced norms and conventional rules.
Title: N/A Self proclaimed "Shepherd of the Outlaws"
Pet Name: N/A
ID Number: 205-2800-500
Species: Western Boogie (Quadruped)
Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Cisgendered
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Polyromantic
Real Age: Five hundred and seventy two rotations around the twin stars. ( One thousand seven hundred and sixten years in the human world.)
Age Appearance: Middle aged (mid thirties)
Strengths: Dutiful, Quick Witted, Inspiring, Driven, Dependable
Faults: Obstinate, Prideful, Truculent, Reckless, Judgemental
Phobias: Claustrophobia
Handicaps (Physical and Mental): Feels as though he must be the one to achive his goals, and only him. Which leads to carrying the weight of the world and to martyrism. Has mild delusions and detached sense of reality when it comes to fulfilling his goals and dreams. Possesses weak knees and spine due to his rough and tumble lifestyle.
Powers: Quick speed and teleportation, very agile and sure footed as well as natural sense of direction. Also posses advanced strength and the abilty to manipulate some rocks and earth.
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