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here's his full body not cropped because hot damn that pose is great
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yeah, because of this character's personality and talent he dresses up like a gothic elf
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god I made him look guilty of like
lets hope he isn't accused of murder oOPS

In the description of your application, fill this out about your character.

Name - Liam Fredrick Hajime
Super Highschool Level - Makeup Artist
Gender - Male.
Age - 18 Years Old
Birthday - August 1st
Quote - "Ain't it just PEACHY!?"

Personality - Liam is a bit DECEPTIVE with his ways, he often is caught lying or twisting the truth rather than saying what is real. This can make him a bit untrustworthy and he recognizes that, as he is MELLOW most of the time. He often is found bothering others because he is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY even if he doesn't like it when others touch him. Liam has the habit of judging others as he himself has grown quite VAIN, focusing on the outer looks of others. He is very CREATIVE with his quirky ways and outfits, he even has been known to draw designs for his friends. Deep down, Liam does care about others especially if they are kind to him; the only downside to his EXCITED personality is that he is very GULLIBLE and has almost no way to tell if someone is lying or being sarcastic.

History - The Hajime family was very small, just consisting of Ms.Hajime and her son, Liam. The father of Liam walked out when he foundout his wife was expecting. Liam never got to know his dad, but still hates him for leaving his mom in such need.

Liam started doing make up when he was 7, after walking in on his mom doing her makeup he asked if he could try putting it on her. He had lots of raw talent and continued to do his Mother's makeup; he still does to this day. Around the age of 13, Puberty hit him like a brick and with it came insecurities. He started wearing makeup around that time as well. His classmates didn't bother him but they did talk about him behind his back. Liam knew, but he wasn't phased by the rumors so much as he was nervous that they'd turn on him and do something for once. They did. After Liam's first day of 8th grade, he was stopped by a few of his classmates who proceeded to call him 'pansy', 'dike' and other terrible terms while they beat him until he stopped moving. This is why when you touch Liam he will have a look of fear and hurt in his eyes.

For his 16th birthday, he got his first professional make-up kit; a gift from Liam's mother. Even though by that age he could've bought a dozen with all the money he gets from gigs. That was when he made his current persona. Liam hated being noticed by the other kids in his class, he hid behind the pale-purple face that he wears; he made it to protect his sensitive inner-shell and to keep everyone out. The rest is classic, he started to continue his makeup work until he was well known throught the US and Europe, working side by side with movie stars and being well known as the 'Vampy' kid who could.

Likes - Fall, Music, Hot Weather, Doing Makeup, Mythology, Cryptids, His Mother, Crows, Creeping Others Out, Carnivals, Halloween, Art and Science Fiction.
Dislikes - His Dad, Being Touched without Permission, Silence, Sleeping, The Dark, Snow, Math, Public Speaking, Being Alone, Telling the Truth and Non-Fiction books.

Alive or Dead? - DEAD

Other Facts -
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