Fallen Victory:// 'Marker Board' Picture

Sorry for the bad resolution, poor lighting, and the dirty marker board.

Just a quick 90 minute sketch on my "work marker board" while I was on duty. Like I said this is my "work marker board" used for when I draw up simple schematics/diagrams and flow charts for the different mechanical/electrical systems of the submarine, so generally it stays pretty dirty since it gets a lot of use. I had turned into my rack for the night, but I had the urge to sketch out an emotional theme for the Greek (Roman) Goddess Nike (Victoria). I had this basic pose sitting in my head that I just had to get it out on the marker board. I thought the title was pretty fitting. I brought the board back home so I could photograph it and share it with the rest of you. Admittedly this is not my best autonomy skills being displayed, but then again this was drawn with no reference and in dry erase marker, which in of itself is a pain in the ass to draw with. I will go back and hopefully redraw this pose on paper for a bigger project based around Nike. I think a good theme song for this piece would be "Iris" By: 'the Goo Goo Dolls': www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNO6yd…
I know that Nike (Victoria) is a messenger goddess and the goddess of victory and I tend to depict her with a sword of some kind quite a bit; however like her wings, I just don't feel that she'd be complete without it.

I just want to share this with my avid "Greek Geek" fans:
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