my baby is home Picture

"... sure... mom. im... back..."

heheheh~ sorry demeter but shes just going through... baby gurl made a tiny lil mistake tween all the sex and begging to get permission to go home... poor persephone. thats a bit of explaining to do.xD

oh and i keep playing around with her dress. made a mix between what hades lured her into a what she wore before

im planning one more hades and persephone pic where persie comes returns to hades ^^ yay im getting stuff done. UP YOURS HIGHSCHOOL YOU HAVENT CRUSHED ME COMPLETELY!!!! IM BOUNCING BACK UP BABEH >O<

and please notice that i keep having BGs O.O i tried to show how demeter doesnt manage to pulls herself together until her daughter is back. so the leaves look a bit poofy like a magic cloud or something...

brushes found here: [link] and belong to
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