Demeter 1 Picture

EDIT: I got a C+ *sigh*. 79%. Had I not gone over the time limit, that'd be an 89%, and had I not forgotten the existance of my prop, it'd be an A. Well, she liked my poster ^^

I suggest downloading for the full-sized view; it gives a far better picture of her hair

This is Demeter, and I'm drawing and coloring her on this huge hunk of posterboard for the mythology project in English
It's not done yet, obviously. I'm gonna finish it tomorrow, and will post that final piece. It will be accompanied by my prop, a pomegranate constructed of a ball and bottlecap painted red

So far, I've only got her eyes, hair, and the rope colored
Tomorrow, the final version will have a pomegranate in her right hand and barley in her left. Her dress will be green, and I've consulted my mother for help in terms of actually making it look like fabric. Her skin will be bronze; I'll have to consult her for that, too... If I can find it in mysef to care (which I probably won't), I'll draw a background, half blooming, half dying
This is the visual for my goddess presentation, during which I'll have to retell a myth, and I'm doing the story of Demeter and Persephone, and how Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and so-forth... Thus the pomegranate and possible background scenery. She'll be holding barley both because that's her symbol and it represents how she holds Man's agricultural fate in her hands. Oh, and as she looks at the pomegranate, she's crying; y'can't really see the years, but they'll be more clear once I finish the whole thing

Okay, it's "tomorrrow"; the final version is posted here: [link]
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