Behold, the marriage of Persephone and Hades. I'll be the first to admit that the coloring isn't quite the best, but still, I'm rather attached to it. I mean, come on, Persephone. Isn't she just the sweetest darling in Greko-Roman mythology?

Anyway, there's the blushing bride and her kidnapping groom underneith the skirt of Demeter (because, naturally, Hades is underneith the earth with all its bountiful harvests.). Hermes presenting the partially eaten Pomegrant to the goddess, Zeus looking down from the skys which he presides over, and Aphrodity with her son Cupid acting all smug in their job well done. His name is Hermes right? Mercury is Hermes? I really don't remeber, all I can recal is that 'Thrice greatest Hermes' alchemy crap.

Oh well.
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