Ganymede Picture

Omg, Ganymede is Trojan isn't he?!
His design gets a major reboot, yaaaaaay! His entire character got rebooted too, don't worry.

Ganymede is Zeus' cup-bearer and male consort. Zeus kidnapped the lad when he was still young because he was so pretty. Basically he was a paiderastia, or a younger male kept by an older male.

Ganymede actually does like Zeus and is entirely homosexual. Despite the whole kidnap thing, Ganymede gets along well with most of the Olympians...Except Hera. His best friend is Hebe, and he spends a lot of time with her gossiping about all the other gods and goddesses. If you want to know who has been having sex with what animal, Ganymede can probably tell you.

Ganymede's brother was Priam, AKA the father of Hector, Paris and Cassandra.

Fun fact, nearly all of the male Olympians have had a male consort at one point or another. The only two that haven't are Hades and Ares. Ares because he is a homophobic dick and Hades because he and Persephone are like the only monogamous couple out there (Not really...Rhea and Cronus do kinda stick together until that whole eating babies thing). Apollo and Dionysus have themselves.

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