Athena Picture

Whelp, here's Athena. She's easily my favorite of all the Greek deities - the girl is one BAMF. For those who aren't Greek mythology nerds, Athena's the goddess of wisdom and war, which reminded me of my school's Knowledge Bowl team, the Fighting Nerds. I think that's what it's for, at least. I just remembered the awesome name, heehee. She kinda looks like she's gonna shoot that randomly placed owl, though... I'm probably gonna get rid of that, I need something else to take up that space.

But yeah, so that's what I thought up, and somehow I wound up with some nerdy/Rambo/G.I. Jane chick with an AK-47. I love my brain.

And I'm terrible at drawing guns, so I'm sorry if I broke any gun-fanatic's brain with that sucker D: Sorryyyyy.

Didn't take as long on Athena as I did Demeter, and I like the other one better, but oh well. Next up is Apollo, methinks. Hermes can wait - I want to draw fiyahh!

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