Demeter, Goddess of Harvest Picture

Oh my, upon scanning, the colored pencil looks horrible and choppy. Anyways :

Demeter, Goddess of Harvest, mother to Persephone, wife to Zeus.

Fan-Art, done for my English mythology project. I drew it all myself with manga pens, Sharpie, and RoseArt Colored pencils. Size : Approx. 8" x 11" -- Regular letter size paper.

Approximate time(s) taken to draw : Actual line art : One hour ; Skin : 45 minutes (distracted with TV) ; Hair : 30 min to 45 min (distracted again ) ; Inking : One hour ; Torch, wheat, flowers : 20 min (all together)

Yes, Phillip, this is how long it took the day before it was due.
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