Kore Picture

In Greek Mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, the godess of agriculture.Persephone was also known as Persephassa, Persephatta, or Kore(Greek: κόρη, "girl, maiden" )

Persphone(or Kore) was the godess of spring.an innocent beautiful maiden, a youg girl radiating joy and happiness until the day Hades abducted her from a field in Enna, where she was picking flowers and turned her into the queen of the underworld.
Persephone was extremely unhappy in the darkness of the Underworld. She also missed her mother, Demeter, terribly, as they had such a close mother-daughter bond. Persephone was ultimately allowed to rejoin her mother, who had arranged Persephone's release. However, Persephone was obligated to return each Fall to spend four months of each year in the underworld as consort to Hades because she had eaten four pomegranates. It is thought that Kore as 'maiden', Demeter as 'mother' and Hecate as 'wise crone' represent, in more ancient times, the three-fold nature of Persephone in the various life cycles of a woman.

This is my Photoshop drawing of Kore(Persephone before the abduction), the young maiden, godess of spring
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