Persephone, Goddess of Spring Picture

According to Greek Mythology, Persephone (the beautiful and young daughter of Demeter, Goddess of corn/crop) was picking flowers in a field one day when the ground suddenly split open and she was abruptly abducted by Hades. There, Hades tricked the innocent Goddess Persephone into eating enchanted pomegranate seeds, keeping her bound to the underworld forever, and doomed to eternally remain his bride. Demeter, upon discovering the disappearance of her beloved daughter, runs to Zeus and pleas that he have Hades return her. Zeus, annoyed by Demeter's insistent cries, sends the God Hermes to retrieve Persephone from the underworld. Hades complies and surrenders Persephone; however, he notes that since she has eaten food from the underworld (a deed that ultimately meant eternal residence there), she must return back to him every year. Hermes agrees and delivers Persephone back to her most grateful mother.

Although Persephone, young Goddess of the spring, is safe in her mother's arms once again, she returns each year to her dark husband, Hades. Every year Demeter's grief over the absence of her daughter causes trees to wither and plants to die in cold bitterness.

And that, according to the ancient Greeks, is how the seasons came about.
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