Sailor Rose Picture

Well, I guess it's about time I finished this one, seeing as the date on it is from NINE years ago! Though, actually, the concept for this drawing is much, much older. But, with the new Sailor Moon anime slated for this year and me being super excited, now's the perfect time to put it up.
I, like most Sailor Moon fans have at some point, made up my own Sailor Senshi way back when. Actually, my best friend at the time and I both came up with the concept while in high school, for a flower/plant themed senshi. Although we never came up with an actual name for her, we were both in Horticulture class at the time, and I remember we got such a kick out of jokingly calling her 'Sailor Horticulture' LOL ^^ In fact, she still doesn't have an official name. Some names I considered were Sailor Rose and Sailor Flora (though these have nothing to do with planets), or Sailor Demeter (while a Greek Mythology ref, it also has nothing to do with planets, but not every Sailor has to, I think), but it doesn't really matter since I never made up an official back story or anything either- Really all I wanted to do was come up with a design and not worry too much about connecting her to Sailor Moon's world in any way or come up with an elaborate history like in a fanfic. All I do know is her powers are based on flowers (particularly roses) and plants. I dunno, maybe she's Tuxedo Mask's long-lost sister or something-- cause he throws those roses, ya know? You fan-ficers come up with stuff like that all the time, right? And her transformation sequence (which I never got to drawing except in a little notebook doodle) was to have her surrounded by swirling ivy (also thought of calling her Sailor Ivy). I just liked designing the outfit; particularly fond am I of the gloves and boots, since I so far have not seen any like them on a Sailor Soldier before. Everything else is pretty standard. I do like the colors on the skirt, as I'd always envisioned them this way, like on Super Sailor Moon's skirt. I think, though, if not for the yellow I might as well just call her Sailor Christmas lol ^^ The only other thing I can say is it's about damn time I got this one done!
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