Dionysus Picture

Hail, Dionysus! The God of Wine, Theatre and Ecstacy. His symbols include the Thyrsus (his staff), Grapes, Leopards, Bulls and foxes. He was a god with a most interesting following. The Maenads (his priestesses) would often over-indulge in Earthly pleasures and lose themselves in a thrall of ecstasy (that's the G-rated version.) He was the Patron God of the Eleusinian Mysteries, bestowing the sacred knowledge with his Mother and Sister, Demeter and Persephone (respectively.)

This piece took me the longest to put together. Dionysus holds a special place in my group's heart, so I had to obsess over every little detail. You'd need a magnifying lens to catch some of it! Needless to say, I'm very proud of him. He's been depicted as an androgynous youth and a fat, jolly man... I favored his twenties, if you couldn't tell~
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