Tempest OC: Theron Picture

This is the second OC in what will be a few portrait concepts (somewhere from 7 to 9) of characters from the story i am writing called Tempest.

This is Theron, (he IS one of what i would say is 4 or 5 main characters in the story i am making) both a major protagonist and antagonist in the story (Although most of his Antagonizing is in the form of journals in his point of view, and stories told about his past)

Theron is cunning, distant, cold, and extremely talented tracker and warrior. He bears the scars and marks of a thousand battles and a thousand sins. Theron was once charismatic, generous, and all together happy. He was both honored and loved as the grand general of Demeter. But shortly after his brothers ascent to power he was forced to commit atrocities, war crimes, and what would border on genocide and slowly became more and more empty. He was born into upper class society but unlike his brother hates the spotlite, and is most at ease when he is alone, tracking, hunting, and traveling. But even with his love of solitude, he is one of the most well known military commanders in the world, a man who's victories are considered so perfect they are studied in schools, colleges, and libraries by rival generals.

He has dark brown, almost black hair, with ice blue eyes and a muscular tall build. He is 36 years old at the start of the story.
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