Grand Stair Case 2nd Floor HDR Picture

Masonic Temple in Philadelphia
Grand Stair Case 2nd Floor.

From their information.
A beautiful stained glass window, depicting "Holy Ground," overlooks the upper part of the Grand Staircase. This window portrays the "Burning Bush" whence Moses received instructions from God. At the top of the window, as part of the rose, are emblems of the Masonic Fraternity. The four cardinal virtues are portrayed in panels at the base of the window.

High above the Staircase are four large paintings. On the north wall is Demeter of ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of vegetation and fruits, riding in a chariot . On the south wall is "Bringing in the Harvest"; the west wall, the "Woodlands"; and the east wall, "Group of Singers," with heads uplifted toward the heavens, singing praises to the Lord for the bountiful crops at harvest time.

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