Gaia's Daughter Picture

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This is another of the four great dragons, Demeter, known as Gaia's Daughter. She loves natures, esp. flora and fauna! Flowers grow where she stands or walks, even if she dabbles her claws in water! She's an especially gentle and motherly creature, but like all dragons, must not be underestimated. Along with the other dragon rulers, she helped imprison the Demon King, bearing no great physical scar. She has no current location in her comatose state, because i cannot think of where such a beautiful creature could be! the rainforest was suggested. What do you think?

Aztec Temple--Quetzalcoatl
Redwood Forest--Morroe
Dead Sea--unamed dragon.

artists comments: she's beautiful, again, please note me if you would like to color her. I have a color suggestion but if you have a better plan, ignore my suggestion. She was a little difficult to draw, because i did a bit much detailing. I'm not great with flowers, i know. I need some work on that. But all in all, her design was quite beautiful, and she's a real sweetie, if a pain in my *** to draw.
EDIT: forgot to mention i EFFED the pose completely! ha. my bad. her concepts good. Pose is really PPOOOORRLLY DRAAAAWN GOAAAAAAAAAAH NOOOOOOOO!!!!
ah. really messed it up.

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