sleep of eternity Picture

"Meanwhile Night arrived, her calm brow wreathed with poppies: bringing with her shadowy dreams." ~Ovid, Metamorphoses book IV.

I just finished my Poppy painting, and I'm so extremely excited that I'm posting it right away. Poppies have been in myth because of their association with Demeter, sleep, and death. Part of it comes from their color; another part comes from the whole opium aspect. I've been interested in the poppy/sleep aspect for a while now, which is why I've made this the second in the series.

A little better of a photo because I've had a camera upgrade, but still isn't the greatest. I'm wondering how expensive a scan would be...

Poppy is part of a planned edition set of paintings reflecting mythology. Please feel free to leave a critique! (unfortunately I don't have the handy form).

Detail found here:

©kyouen (A.L.F) 2013. Watercolor 18x24.
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