___Let's go home, Azrael___ Picture

"Where's your home?"

"I ain't got one..."

"Your family?"

".... They thought I was too weak..."

"What's your name?"


"What a depressing name! You know, you'll just have to be twice as energetic and happy to prove everyone wrong, now, wont you? And surely you can't do that on an empty stomach!"

"I'm not hungry! I'm a werewolf. If I was hungry, I'd just eat you up!"

"Don't be ridiculous. Let's go home, Azrael...."

Queen Evangeline and Azrael are my OC's

Azrael: I'm sure it didn't happen like that. I think I got a few good attacks in there! I was ferocious!

Evangeline: Sure you were...

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