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Demeter Rose Rookwood
Ethnicity/Nationality: British
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Handedness: Right handed
Skin: White
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Age: 10 years
Birthday: January 2
Zodiac (Greek): Capricorn
Zodiac (Chinese): Dragon (Metal)
Height: 4’ 5”
Weight: 80 lbs
Eyes: Deep green
Hair: Curly, light brown; worn in two pigtails to either side of her head
Distinguishing Marks: None
Description: Petite and rather dainty, Demeter often likes to wear frilly dresses.


Demeter is usually introverted, but this is due more to her general scorn of others than to timidity. She often immaturely says what is on her mind without thinking much of consequences, despite being what others would call a child genius.
Traits: Good judge of character, precocious, rather quiet
Phobias: Phobias (afraid of feeling scared)
Favorite Colors: Red, green
Favorite Scents: Baking smells, musty books
Favorite Foods: Yorkshire pudding, anything sweet
Other Favorites: Studying, playing her instruments
Strengths: Huge knowledge base, generally mature for her age
Weaknesses: Thoughtless at times, introverted to the extreme


Children: None
Parents: Maximillian Rookwood
Siblings: None
Pets: None


First Kiss:
First Love: None
Extras: She can use the power of Aero Tactics to levitate and telekinetically move objects and/or people.
Story: Demeter's father, Maximillian Rookwood, is a middle-class history professor specializing in classical music and mythology. Due to this, the Rookwood house is filled with books, of which Demeter has read and reread every one. After the untimely death of Demeter's mother, the girl has become even more sullen and uncooperative than she already had been, the father more solitary and lonely. Despite this, Maximillian and Demeter do have a good relationship, though strained at times when Demeter feels rather contrary.

Mr. Rookwood has employed a governess for Demeter named Nerua Greene, who homeschools Demeter mostly from her own expertise in cooking, sewing, and other ladylike pursuits. From her private studies Demeter has picked up many languages, including Japanese and German, and when she tires of Ms. Greene's structured lessons Demeter retreats to her room, where she practices flute, violin, and piano. No threats, shouts, or pleas can budge Demeter from her solitude when she desires it, though she has an enormous sweet tooth and can thus be tempted.

Demeter initially had no interest in learning any of the four sacred arts common amongst the people of her Earth. However, one day while looking through the local library for the thousandth time she accidentally came across a misplaced scroll from an Aero Tactics school nearby, reading it before she realized what exactly was on the page. Though it wasn't her wish to have the powers in the first place, Demeter has trained herself well, accepting no less than the best from herself.


Original Artist: =Neko-Fayth
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Credits: Constant Never role-playing board, Hyung Tae-kim (original picture)
Fandom: CN
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