Demeter 2 Picture

EDIT: I got a C+ *sigh*. 79%. Had I not gone over the time limit, that'd be an 89%, and had I not forgotten the existance of my prop, it'd be an A. Well, she liked my poster ^^

I highly recommend downloading to get the full-sized view; y'can't hardly see any of the details this small...

And this is the colored version!
The whole poster project totals about twelve hours of work, spread over five days

I'd like to thank my mom. She took pictures of it as I went along, then showed me how it would shade on Photoshop, that copy of which I used to guide me with my colored pencils. She showed me how to do the dress and skin, and was beyond helpful

In her right hand is a teeny tiny pomegranate (I didn't wanna ruin her hand ><), but it's fine that the fruit's tiny; a pomegranate's also my prop, so I'd rather make THAT the focus. And I know you can't see it, but there are tears on both cheeks. In her left hand is barley, Demeter's "symbol"
I decided not to outline it, so as to make it look more natural

Considering that I see my pictures in black and white, I think I did a pretty damn good job coloring her ^^
Let's just hope I can ace the presentation...and make all these hours of work worth something more than self-gratification...
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