Persphone and Demeter Picture

a few semesters ago I did an entire comic as a final project in my mythology class, i chose Persephone and Demeter cause it was one of my favorites. When I made it then I was short on time and had to work fast but I knew I wanted to come back to it some day and make it better so I could post it.

So here is my cover page, or title page, of my comic. I almost completely redid this. It used to be on a pedestal and all but it looked really cheesy. So I went to some references of Grecian vases and decided to make the new verson look like it was old and damanged. Let me know what you think.

P.S. The comic following this page is NOT in this style, so it may seem like they don't go together, hahaha. Oh well. I hope ya like it.

art (c) MINE
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