War Family Portrait Picture

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Character Designs for comic project I'm endlessly working on (unreal city rehauled and rewritten/drawn completely). War Family Portrait! From Left to right, Ares (God of War, particularly savage), his sons: (Raef) Deimos (god of fear), Phobos (god of dread), and his lovely "wife" (they're gods, the term gets used lightly), Sekhmet (egyptian goddess of warfare, Avenger of Wrongs, the Scarlet Lady, Mistress of Dread, One before Whom Evil Trembles, and the Lady of Slaughter). Basically, she's perfect for Ares (and probably more of a badass). Amazingly enough, she makes a great mom, even if she does bake those lovely snickerdoodles (in the shape of human sacrifice) in a chainmail apron and encourage her children into various martial endeavors...

Mostly just practicing character studies and experimenting with a "family" look.
photoshop, 2008. characters & art are (c) to me 2008
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