Darth Deimos Picture

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This is how I picture my OC Darth Deimos. He is the apprentice of Darth Revan. In KOTOR1, if you choose to become the Dark Lord when you fight Bastila, you aren't able to travel to any other destinations but the Star Forge. However, in my vision, Darth Revan goes to Korriban and asks Master Yuthura Ban to give him a powerful Sith as a new apprentice. This here is her brother. He is sixteen and at first doesn't want to follow Revan. But, having no other choice, he fights for the main character.

About the character:
He is a kind of Vader in the Old Republic times. He is mostly sustained by cybernetics, following, let's say, the bombardment on Telos. My OC is named after Darth Phobos. In the Greek Mythology, there were two gods named Deimos and Phobos. They were twins and both of them were the gods of fear, terror, despair, panic, horror etc. They were Ares' and Aphrodite's sons. So I picture my character as that kind of twi'lek who doesn't need much Force Persuasion to get what he wants from females. Being a Sith means he is an adept of war and bloodshed. So was Ares.
In my vision, Darth Deimos is somewhere between light and dark. He is a Sith, he follows closely their code, but sometimes his choices are worthy of a Jedi.

One more thing: All rights reserved; however, if you wish to use him, please tell me first.
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