Pan Picture

my arm was twisted by *sakky-attack to create a senshi OC for her Secret Senshi Santa. I really, really wanted to do Rae's crows, Phobos and Deimos (twins), but apparently they're already canon? ;A; I had lots of fun with Pan though! I love Greek mythology, so this was right up my ally!!!

Pan serves under Sailor Saturn. Her personality is sassy and sexual--she often hits on Usagi (Pan, as in the greek god, seduced Selene, goddess of the moon). She likes music, the outdoors, and, you know, adult things. Hah. Rarely seen out of her fuku. I didn't draw her in it, but she has a black wool cloak that can be used for disguise, very similar to Sailor Moon's pen. (it's what Pan used to hide his woolly legs when he seduced Selene).

Pan is mine, the sailor senshi are not. No using or distributing without permission.
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