Eris Picture

Greek Mythology

The goddess Eris (Ἒρις) (known as Discordia in Roman mythology) was the daughter of Nyx (night). His work consisted in creating rumors, inquinas and jealousy based on his malevolent imagination and experience, leading to feuds and hatreds between the two. Always attached to his brother and teammate Ares (God of war) and Enio (the massacre), Deimos (fear) and Phobos (fear). He had five children: Bombon (the penalty), Lethe (Oblivion), Limos (famine) and Algos (pain) and Horcos (the oath).

One day Zeus held a banquet on the occasion of the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, who invited all the gods except for Eris given its problematic nature. She offended, appeared at the party with the Apple of discord, a Golden Apple with the inscription "to the most beautiful" and threw it in the middle of all indicating that the fruit should be delivered to the most beautiful goddess of all. The goddesses immediately attempted to take over Apple, but when entered the most powerful goddesses: Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, all others departed.

The quarrel between the goddesses did not expect, and as there was no solution to the problem since the gods did not want to take sides, Zeus sent the goddesses to Mount Ida to Hermes, who would take them to Paris, Prince Trojan, chosen to give verdict on such an important issue. The young first was afraid, then each goddess offered her what was in their hands so I chose it to her: Athena offered wisdom and triumph in the war, Hera the power and wealth and Aphrodite the most beautiful woman in the world who was Helena, wife of Menelao de Esparta. Paris as young, passionate about who was and after much meditation, gave the Apple to Aphrodite. So Paris kidnapped Helen of Troy, cause of the Trojan war.

So things, Eris (discord) managed its mission because it caused confrontation between the goddesses that resulted in a ten-year conflict among mortals.

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