5556 Deimos Picture

And the other (younger) twin, the stallion Deimos.

Deimos, in Greek mythology, is the God of terror, as well as a brother to Adrestia.
To me, while revenge is hot, passionate and fueled by emotion, terror in itself is cold, freezing movement and thought.


Horse ID: 5556
Name: Deimos 5556
Nickname: Deka
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registered: Yes

Owner: Bogdan Samuels
Handler: Lucca Orlando

Gender: Colt
Age: (6 months) / 5 years for showing purposes
Height: 175cm (17.1 hands)
Body type: Modern with classic influence

Color: Black laced tobiano peafowl
Markings: Laced tobiano
Genotype: Ee aa nPwl nTl
Notes: Always passes no restriction gene (a). Passes peafowl and laced tobiano only if bred to another horse of those colors.

Training: None yet
Tack: Not yet
Potions: None yet

Personality: Deimos is a very cold, calculating and silent horse. He is watchful and alert, constantly moving and very active, yet seems to manage to slip by everyone's gazes like a ghost. Well behaved and even in temper, he might seem like a very easy and safe horse.

He does hide a darker side. Deimos is freezing cold, and rather emotionless, hiding a more sinister side. He has ways of getting what he wants, even at the expense of others - actually, rather often at the expense of others. He is ambitious and jealous, preferring to be the best at what he does, or not trying at all.

Perfectly well mannered with no bad habits when handled. Very brave and trustworthy mount, whom you can be sure will find the safe way out for you both, should something come to happen. Good at thinking on his feet, and shows great promise in both dragon hunting, and disciplines such as cross country.

Ignores other horses most of the time, or just watches them coldly. Mostly spends time with his sister, Adrestia, to whom he is nearly a polar opposite. How the two get along so well, we can but guess.

X Burns easily in direct sunlight - especially his face
X Very controlled gaits
X Can be heavy on the hand
X Loves fresh strawberries
X Hates children

----------------- SS: NWS Daihmin 476
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