Deimos Picture

Temp picture until i finish shading him. I was too excited to wait until i was done affdfaf //////

✖ Name: Deimos Diomedes

✖ Age: ???

✖ Gender: Male

✖ Height: 5'9

✖ Race: Mares of Diomedes

✖ Occupation: Butcher

✖ Abilities:

True Form: His true form is a giant black stallion that he can transform back into at will.

Firebreathing: He can shoot short bursts of flame from his mouth while in his horse form, but it is rare for him to do so as it is rather tiring.

Agility: In both his human and horse form he is extremely fast.

Weapons: Uses a crossbow to hunt and is handy with knives and blades.

✖ Personality:
Overall Deimos can come across as charming and well mannered, though he's extremely stubborn and unruly, hating to get ordered around. He's social by nature and enjoys good conversation. Don't put it past him to start asking some personal questions as he gets intensely focused on the person he's talking to, wanting to know every little detail about their life. While he's typically nice he can get moody and irritated quickly, especially if he's hungry. Despite how well you might think you're his friend he's still likely to try and take a bite out of you if the chance presents itself.

✖ History:
Raised alongside his three siblings, Deimos was trained to do as his master commanded, working hard long hours at grueling work that he loathed. His only reward was the human flesh that his master provided at the end of the day. Eventually Deimos and his siblings killed their master, feasting on him before setting off into the world. After a time they parted ways and Deimos explored on his own, killing and eating as it pleased him. But his recklessness had its cost and he soon drew attention to himself. A band of humans set off to put an end to his dangerous rampages. After a long chase they captured him and bound him in chains. Fearing to kill him, but knowing they'd be unable to restrain him much longer, the humans bound his mouth shut with a magic bridle that could only be undone by another person.

Once released, Deimos continued his wanderings, convincing all he could to remove his mask upon which he would promptly devour them. No matter how hard he tried the mask would find its way back onto his face, binding him until he persuaded another to remove it again for a short time. After many years of aimless exploring, Deimos grew lonely, his need for social interactions driving him to look for a place where he might reside permanently until he came across Pumpkin Town and resolved to stay there.

✖ Likes / Dislikes:
+ Humans, for eating
+ Meat
+ Eating
+ Running
+ More eating

- His mask
- People trying to control him
- Being bound or chained

✖ Extra:
- Will mutilate anyone who is cruel to horses.
- Has children, though they are scattered across the world
- It is very rare for him to ever let anyone ride on his back and he'll consider it an insult if you ask him
- While the mask is on he's well behaved, but as soon as it's off his cannibalistic tendencies come to the forefront and he won't calm down until he's eaten
- Once he's been feed he becomes extremely docile and its easy to slip his mask back on his face

✖ Event Points: 0

✖ Purchases: -----
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