SD: You Set Us Free.... Picture

As his human companions filed out of the underground cave, Scooby heard a faint voice behind him.
"Thank you..."
The Great Dane turned around, to see Lena and Simone, completely bedraggled, tears running down their faces. The coldness gone from their eyes was replaced with the warmth of sanity and sentience. Scooby initially whimpered, but wise Simone held up a hand. It was glowing.
"Wait, you," she said in a tone softer than she'd ever used on him, "Thank you..."
"The cat god has had us under its power all that time," Lena added. "It controlled our minds, our bodies, for its own gain. Everything that has happened? It wasn't us..."
"We had followed your exploits for years and when we found out you were investigating in town, I sent Lena out to get your help," Simone explained. "The demon wouldn't allow us to go outside of New Orleans.."
"But by the time you were here, it had found out our plans, and fully possessed us before we could explain," Lena sighed.
They all looked around to see that they were surrounded by the souls of those the cat demon had taken, as well as Lena and Simone's old colony. They were smiling, happy to be set free. Lena and Simone joined them, happy to receive forgiveness.
By then, a pure white light was starting to envelope the spirits. Scooby stepped back, but not before Lena bent down and kissed the top of his head. He wagged his tail, and waved as they faded, crossing over into the afterlife.

My interpretation of a possible cut-scene from the film.
SDZI and all characters (c) WB/HB
Image/idea (c) Me
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