TBN || Daphne Laurel Picture

i adopted this little cutie so why not put her in a group?
thanks to aspen4455 for letting me adopt her~
also! her brother is open, so anybody could make him after they ask me~

* Daphne Victoria Laurel

* Nymph (To call her this, you must be her best friend. This is because of her smaller size.) (Do your greek mythology homework, kiddos, and then you'll understand this nickname)
* Shortie
* Daph

* Female

* 14

* ((Will be given to you when you send in a join request))

* Werewolf

* Student

* Freshman (9)

[X] - Geometry *
[X] - Science*
[X] - History*
[X] - English *

*These classes are required. If their is more than one class within the (parenthesis) pick one of the class to take.

Pick 3 from below. These three plus your four CORE classes will be your classes for the rest of the semester. These classes will be referenced to in role-plays etc.

[ ] - Spanish
[ ] - French
[X] - Italian
[ ] - Physical Education
[X] - Art
[ ] - Choir
[ ] - Drama/Theater
[ ] - Band
[X] - Cooking
[ ] - Home Ed
[ ] - Health


Daphne was born to a family of werewolves, with an adopted vampire as a brother. She was younger than him, and he was there to protect her. She protected him aswell, and they had each other's backs. Her parents were always busy with work, and one day, her father had to go away on a business trip.
After a month, the father never came back. The mother came home form work with a letter, and she handed the letter to her children. Their father was dead. Hunters had ambushed him. The mother knew that they weren't safe at the house, and they moved immediately.
At the new house, they grew up, and the mother was still busy with work. Daphne would make laurels for the family after the mother came home, to make them feel strong.
Then there was a knock at the door. At dinner. The mother got up, but before she answered the door, she told her brother to hide. Hide himself and Daphne. They hid, and they heard shouts. They heard a scream. They heard different sounds, and then they smelled smoke.
The house was on fire.
The brother got Daphne out, and they ran away as the hunters made sure the house was burning.
They were both able to go into high school, and upon hearing that Lacie Blackwood was going to re-open the school, they immediately enrolled.
Now they are at school, having each other's backs till the very end.


Gender Preference: Male
Personality Preference: A nice guy that'll protect her and be nice to her brother and friends.
Appearance Preference: No Preference

Looking For:

[ ] One night stand
[ ] Quick fling
[ ] Lasting relationship
[ ] Strictly sexual
[ ] Other:
[x] Doesn't know
[ ] Not looking




- Makes laurel crowns for her brother and friends
- Short, little freckled baby
- Believes in lacies perspective (because of her brother)
- Likes to stay up and watch the stars
- Puts roses in her laurels sometimes
- Sometimes makes flower crowns
- Clothes are a bit too big on her, so her sleeve hang down a little.


- Flower and Laurel Crowns
- Vampires and Werewolves
- Reading
- Greek Mythology
- Swimming
- Trees


- Fighting
- Flirty Boys
- Vain people

Disorders and Phobias:

- Stuttering Problem
- Fears blood, being left alone, being criticized, loosing her brother, loud sounds (thunder, explosions, gun shots, ect), and sharp objects (scissors, knives, ect)


Daphne is a very shy girl, and doesn't speak too many words to other people, besides her close friends. She is also a very quiet and soft-spoken girl, and doesn't say things very loudly. She is insecure aswell, having being shorter then others. She does, though, have confidence when around her brother, knowing that he will protect her. She is also very protective, and will be if somebody threatens her brother and friends. She has a stuttering problem, which is caused by her lack of self esteem.


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