Arachne- The Cursed Weaver Picture

Sorry for shitty quality, the scanner messed up the colors v_v"
I'm really into greek mythologie, I just love these storys. And picture is related to one of these.

Arachne, a beautiful young woman was the best weaver under the humans. She was very skilled that people began to compare her weaving to the ones of Athena, the goddess of Weaving. She didn't like that, though and challenged the woman to a competition. While Athena weaved a cloth that showed all the good doings of the Gods, Arachne weaved one with the bad doings... And actually won. Not that Athena was okay with that. She made Arachne hang herself with her strings, but regretted it... And turned her alive again, but in spider form.
Pretty mean Goddess, if you ask me
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