Daphne Picture

This is the first piece of my mythological thingie.
It is Daphné, the nymph who was transformed into a bay tree.

I bought my first pack of watercolor pencils and i wanted to try them. They suck as you can see. I am absolutely not satisfied with this picture, i wanted it to turn out much better. Ok, i know it was my fault. Shame on me.

Anyway, the color pencils i also bought yesterday worked pretty well, i do love them (and it is obvious, cuz they were very expensive).

The bg is very simple, i was too lazy to create a better. I saw this technique in a tutorial.

So i used those watercolor pencils, color pencils and a marker pen, tempera and watercolors.
Took about 4 hours.
Oh, and i could scan the pic perfectly cuz i painted it on a normal paper and it became wavy cuz of the water. Sorry. I know anathomy sucks anyway.

Oh, and i used a ref:
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