Deeply Rooted Picture

"After three hours of aimless wandering, she had come to the unpleasant conclusion that she was, indeed, lost.
She should have been angry, furious even. After all, she was a tracker, one of the best of her craft, not the type of person supposed to loose their way.
Strangely enough though, she felt inappropriately relaxed, but why shouldn´t she? She had found herself a beautiful little spot amongst the knotty old trees of this ancient forest, and the more she thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea to simply remain where she was, relax, let go...
She took a slow, deep breath, inhaling the clean air and tasting the fresh scent of the forest, feeling the moist, cool earth slip around her toes as her feet sank into the ground.
Tough, brown bark started spreading all over her skin like wooden scales, as she stretched her hands up into the air with a soft yawn. For some reason, she felt like this was a most comfortable position to stay in, and so she sleepily closed her eyes, while green leaves started sprouting all over her head and branches. Just a little nap, nothing more, just one or two centuries...

The elders used to tell wondrous stories about the deepest parts of the forest, were the trees take on strange shapes and the presence of ancient magic can be almost tasted in the air. Most villagers believe these to be nothing but old wives tales, but they usually avoid those parts of the woods anyways - after all, you never know what old legends might turn out to be true..."

Random tree transformation, with obvious borrowings from greek mythology (see Apollo and Daphne...).

Just another coloring practice that I didn´t even plan to upload here, but then ended up liking too much.
Also, I finally got the pressure sensitivity on my tablet working again, so expect more colour in the future.

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