Kalea + Info Picture

edit: edited her Biografie for the newest information.

Name: Kalea
Status: Crown princess of Eraklyon
Age: 17 (first year), 18 (second year)
Birthday: 05.06.
Fairy Sign: Hippogrifin
Origin: Eraklyon

Charakter: clever, romantic, impulsive, a little stubborn, determined, loyal, quiet but lively, impatient, dreamy, helpful, combative, sociable, honest, equitably

Weakness: Insecurity, stubbornness, naive, she wants to make everything perfect, thinks only of others and at the end of herself, cold kind in the fight

Mother and father: Bloom & Sky
Aunt and uncle: Daphne & Thoren
Cousins: Phobos (22) crown prince of Domino, Caprice (18) future nymph of Magix, Ophelia (16) future Keeper of the dragon flame

Love status: Jason in the end of the third school year

Pixie: Twyla – Pixie of legens and mythology

→ Full biography of Kalea (only german sorry): sta.sh/0eit3n40miv

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Art/Design/Kalea: me (kys-alis)
Texture: pica-stock

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