Daphne, Apollo Dryad Picture

Count the myth that Apollo would compete with Eros in the art of shooting arrows. Eros, annoyed by the arrogance of Apollo, devised revenge. To do this, the god launched a golden arrow, causing an immediate love who hurts; and instead, he struck the nymph Daphne with an arrow of lead, which causes the loving rejection.

So when Apollo saw Daphne one day he was wounded in love and launched a pursuit. Dafne, who suffered the opposite effect, fled from him.
When the young god was about to reach the nymph, it said, flopping on the floor: "Oh, earth, Receive me in thy womb, save me!".

Following his invocation, its members distended with rigor mortis, her hair became leaves and arms in long branches, roots sprouted his feet and his head became the leafy treetops. Apollo took refuge under the great laurel had become nymph, thinking: "Daphne, you'll be from now on my tree, the tree of Apollo Your leaves will crown my head and be the ornament of the brave warriors. of the victors athletes, poets and singers. "

Apollo is represented as a young beardless, with a lyre and a laurel wreath tied at the front. Always runs heaven on a golden chariot drawn by four white horses.

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