Daphne-Cassiopeia_Kamei. Picture


By: Yami
From: Me

Daphne Cassiopeia (C) Daphne Phantasos(I'm)
Dont Copy.

Daphne, is the Divinity of Encharmed and Gems.

This wonderful picture has been made by my friend Yami, all based on Kirb win ... if I won the winner's prize and Kirb orders Kamei an image of my character.

Daphne is a deity incarnate regencies deal from their incantations to the gems. Making it an extremely dangerous, despite it's always quiet.

His skills are many, are linked to the main crystals, gems, mirrors, perfumes and illusions.

He has his own kingdom, where the governed, as obtained from mythological times, even though he is an ally of Athena and is listed as a saint. His divine powers, it is a being that goes beyond its role.
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