Agent 028: Klytie Seres Picture

The agent 028. Klytie Seres, cursed alter ego of Safire and has very sharp senses. She however has been cursed by an ancient enemy called Feldene for over 10 years.

Klytie would do anything to get back to her former life.
She is the protector of the Calibre Jewel and the twilight.
Her weapons include a special staff and the legendary Myst-ball.

The curse which has been put on allows her eyes to glow a molten gold colour and allows her own abilities to increase significantly. Her true love called Apollo who still waits for her return, even though 10 yrs had passed.

The name is based on a Greek mythology nymph called Clytie who fell in love with the Sun God, Apollo, and was turned into a Sunflower because of her love for him.
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