Moirae Lineart +thin+ Picture

this is not my drawing it is =ameides 's sketch that i have inked in....... in preparation for my colouring of it...... i have another version of this that i will post soon...... it has thicker lines around the outline of each the girls so u can tell which girl is which

""Anyway, I believe this picture needs some explaining the Moirae (aka the Fates) are three sisters from Greek mythology, and pretty much control your life.

Clotho (the young one with the curly hair at the back)
The youngest. She spun the thread of life, thus creating... life? XD Thats why I made her green in this picture, the color of life. Or so people say XD Also why there are planty ivy type things coming form her.

Lachesis (at the bottom)
The middle child. She measured out how long the thread of life will be, and pretty much decided your fate. She was sometimes seen as "motherly", but usually always stern as well. Ive drawn her here draping that rich purple and gold embriodered cloth over the girl, because of both reasons XD

Atropos (to the right)
The eldest, and "relentless one". She cut the life of thread with her "abhorred shears" (translation: Scary scissors of literal death). You cant see it that well here, but I made it look more like a stabby dagger, coz that looks so much better than someone with little craft scissors.""

ok all of y'all shuld b waiting on the edge of ur seats for my colour version and my thicker lineart
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