Tabias, Knight of the Moirae Picture

Full view, please.

No, this is not what my dA username is named after. This is just the character Tabias put in a different scenario (I do this with all my characters, it gets confusing).

The Moirae are the three Fates (in Greek mythology):

Clotho - The Spinner, who weaves the thread of a person's life

Lachesis - The Apportioner, who decides how much thread each person gets

Atropos - The Inevitable, who cuts the threads at the end of peoples' lives

Tabias was created by Atropos to kill any who defied the spoken law of the Moirae. If someone found a way (and there are ways, loopholes) to defy, Tabias was sent out to "deal" with them.

He has the body of a twelve to fourteen year old and uses a bardiche, named Thetra, that can change size/length according to his will and need. He's very skilled and has never lost, and it's rumored that, being a child of Atropos, he is immune to death itself anyway.

The symbol on his cheek (and bardiche) is the symbol of Atropos (not REALLY, but it still looks cool and I can take artistic's what I do best).

This drawing was done some months ago, and I realize I said I'd try the FOP style next, but I just HAD to submit this.
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