Chrono Fusion: Lachesis 03 Picture

Original completion date unknown.

A sketch of a party member in an old RPG project of mine, Chrono Fusion. It was a sequel to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

Lachesis used claws in battle. The protagonist (Spike) was not silent; instead, she was.

The party members included Spike, Lachesis, Janet, Prometheus (Theo), Rex (a Reptite), Hanneko (a demi-human), and Kassam.

The villains included a mysterious man named Cain who was hunting Spike for some reason along with Clotho and Atropos.

I only ever drew a few of them, though.


The Fates are literally the three Fates from Chrono Cross given human form by FATE (just like how Wazuki was turned into Lynx by FATE). Genetic manipulation and all that. They protected Chronopolis from invaders in the game, so their purpose is to protect the FATE computer and, consequentially, the world by preserving the timeline in which Lavos is defeated (the Chrono Compendium calls it the "Ideal Timeline"). Since FATE pretty much created life on El Nido, the three Fates consider themselves the guardians/protectors of the people. So in their own perspectives, they're heroines. Their methods, however, are cold and brutal, so in reality they're far from the pure goddesses they make themselves out to be. They are still computer-created lifeforms with inhuman personalities. At least, Clotho and Atropos are.

Remember, FATE was built from the remainders of Mother Brain, so FATE is considered a "female" AI in my story. FATE considers the Moirae Sisters as her daughters. Atropos is literally Atropos XR from CT, built into the FATE system as Mother Brain and Robo were also assimilated. (As you'll recall, Robo's real name is Prometheus, and the Prometheus Circuit was a part of the FATE computer....)

Lachesis is the only "good" Fate and the youngest sister, joining the hero's party quite early. She is the silent protagonist, though she is not the main protagonist—Spike is. Nevertheless, she strongly influences Spike's journey and decisions and is a vital part of the plot. Since (like Crono and Serge) she doesn't "talk," her personality is implied through her actions and other people's reactions to her. Like her sisters, her directive is to find Spike and kill him, but oddly she ends up protecting him, guiding him to learn the truth of his identity. She seems to believe that he can choose his own destiny and that his death is not immediately necessary. At the very least, she believes he should at least have the choice, despite the danger he presents to the world. FATE considers her a defective unit and declares her a traitor. She is also calm and reserved, but she's light-hearted, not dangerously amoral like her elder sister. She finds Spike's antics strange, foreign, and humorous (she is a computer AI, after all). She is the Marle to Janet's Lucca. ^_^

Though she is typically heroic, sometimes her heroism can border on Knight Templar territory. As a young computer AI brought to life, she is still learning the human condition. Sometimes, even though her intentions are pure (like protecting Spike and his friends), she may do something "questionable" to enemies (like murdering them horrendously) that Spike staunchly disapproves of (and lectures her on later). She also characteristically shows a lack of remorse, but the difference between Lachesis and her sisters is that Lachesis is on Spike's side. End of story.
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