fates guide you Picture

my rendition of the fates from greek mythology, clotho (who spins the thread of life), lachesis (who chooses your lot in life, measures how long it will be, and judges your actions in reflection of your life thread), and atropos (she who cannot be turned, who cuts the thread of life).

what i learned from this drawing: i suck at drawing hands that are doing stuff. and scissors. whatever.
models i referenced / built the fates around ; ophelia's overdose, nephania, and twiggx.
such lovely ladies... <3
i feel like i should have used alternate colors for their dresses... oh well. x3

my scanner scanned it tilted, so i had to go in with photoshop and fix it and then fix the background a bit because of it. x3

art (c) trinityfox / trinity renee (myself)
graphite on paper.
7.5" x 4.25"

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