Cirque Sinistre: The Moirai Picture

These character designs have been in my head for a while, i just never got around to figuring out how to use them.

So the moirai are pretty much synonymous to the 3 fates of greek mythology.
I'll probably use Fortuna the most often because i actually came up with a decent character for her, but all of them will be more side characters then anything.
They're more demons or sorceresses then sisters who all work together.

-Clotho (the threader)
-around 10,000 years old, she is in charge of spinning threads for all life forms. It's not necessarily giving birth to people, just making sure they have a life line within them. Responsible for the red string of fate. She can be rather merciful and reasonable, but she upholds a strict sense of responsibility in keeping order. She declined in being on the merikh out of choice and preferred to do her own work. she does not enjoy torturing people, but she cares more for the well being of her hard weaved threads then anything.
-She does not fight much but she can use any cut threads of the deceased to restrain people and manipulate them like puppets.

-Lachesis (the alloter)
about 8000-9000 years old she is in charge of measuring the span of one's life threads. she is much more aggressive in being an oni. she wears a mask in truth that she was the candidate to bearing the wheel of fate. however her violent temperment lead her to use the wheel's power excessively leading to her vision being ruined beyond repair. furthermore she could not see pinpoint threads at all because of her brutish nature. her eyes were removed and in her own pride she refuses to be seen constantly bleeding from the eyes. she markings on her arms were passed on instead to restraining others own ill-use of powers.
-when she fights with them they are like barbed wire. she is also the one who can handle checking the torturus side effects of the wheel of fate and when in need of cleaning or repair she is the one to do so.

-Atropos aka "Fortuna" (the cutter)
*made her an official sheet*

Characters belong to me

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