The Bodyguards Picture

It is a sketch of a set of characters who are supposed to be Julia's personal bodyguards and/or bouncers for her club, Ragnarok. They are named after the 3 Greek goddesses of fate. I know that Julia's default motif ("Valkyree", "Ragnarok", etc.) is Norse mythology and these are names after figures from Greek mythology, but hey, it's Julia and she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Top to bottom, they are:

Clotho - young (19), tiny (only 4'11", 118 lbs) and cute. A former elite level gymnast, she has a pacifist personality and tries to avoid conflict but she can (and will) take down a man 3 times her size if necessary. Of the three she is least likely to fit in because she is kind and caring to others, but she is still very loyal to her Mistress. Loosely based on Cindy Phillips in appearance.

Lachesis - American Muscle Committee 2002 nationals heavyweight champion. The de facto leader of the group. Was and is a lover of Julia's; hence, her willingness to do what Mistress commands is unwavering. Her closeness to Julia means the others take her word as that of their Mistress. Loosely based on Colette Nelson.

Atropos - The eldest and most jaded. In Greek myth, Atropos was the one who determined when your life ended. Many men have indeed met their end at this gal's hands (or between her legs!). She shares her Mistress's ruthlessness and cunning, and so has earned her deep respect. She is known for being something of a loose cannon and succumbing to "roid rage". Loosely based on Yvette Bova.
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